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Watch With Andygeddon (and friends) #1 – Drive


For some time now I’ve been toying with the idea of putting together some kind of podcast, mostly just as an opportunity to do something a little bit different than the usual reviews. I made a first attempt some time ago now (with the contribution of two friends of mine, John and Lawrence, who have been instrumental in this process) which fell at the first hurdle when I had some technical problems that rendered the file unusable but I’ve never been one to let a little obstacle get in the way of things and so the other day I reconvened my panel of film enthusiasts (the aforementioned John and Lawrence) for another attempt.

What we did was, we recorded our own commentary for Nicolas Winding Refn’s excellent Drive, a film we all enjoyed thoroughly and that I declared the best film of 2011. I should stress that really we have no particular qualifications that make us especially suited to providing a commentary to any film other than the fact we all love movies and have opinions we’d like to express on the subject. Hopefully that’s enough to make it an interesting listen – we certainly enjoyed having the conversation in the first place (plus it was a great excuse to rewatch the film). It’s a bit rough round the edges – there’s a steep learning curve on the process and we already know how we’ll improve things for episode 2 – but overall, considering the far from ideal recording conditions, I’m quite pleased with the results. You, as always, will be the judge.

To get the most out of the podcast you should really listen to it along with the film. In order to sync it up correctly you should pause the movie at 00:01:00 (basically at the end of the series of production company idents at the beginning). We used the UK blu ray edition – if you are using a different version of the film you may find it’s slightly out of sync but I’d be surprised if it was enough to matter. There’s a brief introduction in the podcast and then a count in to when you should press play. After that you just need to sit back, listen and hopefully enjoy! And please leave us your feedback below.

**warning: contains spoilers** (although I’d hope you’ve already seen the film before you watch it with this commentary track!!) To listen, click play below:



Right click below and “save as” to download the .mp3 file for playback on a device of your choosing


Visit for an alternative, streamable version of the podcast.


First of all, big thanks to my partners in podcasting crime John (find him on Twitter @feexby or check out his blog at and Lawrence (@Loll73 on Twitter) two gentlemen and scholars who it’s always a pleasure to talk movies with.

For the “Orange & Blue” blog post John was talking about go here.

Also, for the record, it isn’t the diner from Goodfellas (here’s the proof). In actual fact it bears very little resemblance to said diner. It’s amazing the tricks your memory can play on you.

You can read my original review of Drive here .

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