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First and foremost let’s be clear about one thing. I love films. My earliest memory of the cinema was watching Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom when I was not quite 5 years old, the start of a love affair with with the movies that eventually led me to a career in entertainment retail that has spanned over a decade (and still counting!).

This website is my guide to what I consider to be the best in movies and television. You won’t find stars or percentages here. I’m not interested in rating films on an arbitrary scale. Instead I can only offer my opinion, an opinion that is inevitably biased (all art after all is subjective) but which I always endeavour to keep detached from prejudice and hype.

My only aim is to share my love of cinema with anyone who is interested and to help guide people to the films and television that I think everyone should see, be they old, new, popular or obscure.

Welcome to Andygeddon.

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  1. 07/03/2011 06:32

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog Andy. Looking forward to swapping views about movies

    • 07/03/2011 18:17

      No worries, it’s nice to get a different perspective on one of my greatest loves in life, the mighty kung fu movie. I’ve added a link to the “Connectageddon” page on my site so other people can find it too.

  2. SolidChris permalink
    18/09/2011 22:56

    This is a jolly nice site chap! Glad I clicked.

  3. 22/11/2012 15:12

    Hi Andy,

    Ace blog.

    I would like to get in contact with you regarding How To Start A Revolution, how can I get hold of you?

    Thank you!


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