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And so it begins….

Wednesday, 3rd February 2010.

Nothing matters. None of it.

This isn’t defeatism or emo-esque bleating mind. It’s just a simple, beautiful fact.

A couple of years ago my girlfriend and I were on holiday in New York and happened to visit the Planetarium in the Natural History Museum. I would highly recommend it. Not only is it home to the comfiest seating I’ve ever experienced in a public place but you then get treated to a spectacular simulation of the entire life of our universe from the big bang to it’s (I presume largely theoretical) end. All narrated in a matter of fact, yet strangely soothing, tone by Robert Redford. So soothing in fact that at least one visitor nodded off. I reckon he probably missed the best bit.

While the Sundance Kid expounded the glories of the big bang, infinitely expanding universe and other such mind blowing science it dawned on me just how truly insignificant the Earth and by association the entire human race actually is. Talk about your Total Perspective Vortex. At one point they highlighted the Earth in the vastness of galaxies that make up our universe. You couldn’t even see it. The life span of our solar system was spelled out relatively to the life span of the universe. I’m pretty sure the neurons firing in my brain can’t work fast enough to comprehend how short it is.

There it was. Epiphany. None of it matters. In an absolutely wonderful way. We destroy ourselves in a global thermonuclear war? Doesn’t matter. From out there looking in the difference in life span is unquantifiably small.

Yet in spite of this I have decided to do something I have on many occasions said I would not do. Start a blog. From here on in I have decided to spew forth my idiotic ramblings into the public domain. Will anybody read them? I don’t know.

It doesn’t matter, remember?

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