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Some links you may find interesting or useful or not.


Friends Of HRU – A patient led non profit organisation to support those with inflammatory arthritic conditions in the north of Scotland.

Clic Sargent – Supporting children with cancer and their families.

Help For Heroes – Practical, direct support for our war wounded.


Chris Vs Cinema – A fellow cinema enthusiast with some interesting views. Pay him a visit!

Dangerous Meredith – An interesting perspective on kung fu movies from a former dancer and choreographer. See those fight scenes through different eyes…

Feexby – Movie reviews and observations of life in general. Always a good read.

Green Dad – Social and political commentary from a new dad reconciling fatherhood with environmentalist tendencies.


The Internet Movie Database – A one stop shop for all your movie trivia needs. Perfect for those “what film was he in again?” moments.

Eden Court – The only decent cinema in Inverness. Comfy seats and a proper bar.

BBC iPlayer – The BBC’s user friendly online, on demand service for catching up with stuff you missed off the telly.


Wing Tsjun International – homepage for the kung fu school of which I am a member.

Wildwoodz Paintball – A paintball site situated near Tore, a few miles from Inverness. Great service, great site. Highly recommended for first timers and veterans alike.

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