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Hail to the chiefs

Friday, 16 April 2010

Well there we have it. Mere weeks to go until our Presidential election and the candidates have gone and had their debate and everyone is talking about it.

Who do I think won? I don’t know, I didn’t watch it. Not because I’m not interested in politics or what the political parties have to say. No, I didn’t watch it because I’m not an American and we aren’t electing a President. We are (last time I checked) voting for somebody to represent our localised section of the community in our national parliament who will voice our views and concerns either as part of or in opposition to the government.

Things I’m not voting for:

The party leader I’d most like to kiss (according to a poll I’ve seen it’s David Cameron).

The party leader who talks the best in a group on telly. (I’m assured it’s Nick Clegg).

Well any party leader really. As recent history shows you aren’t necessarily going to get the party leader you vote for. From Tony to Gordon without a single vote cast (in this instance not necessarily a bad thing) suggests that who’s in charge today is not necessarily who will rule the roost for the next few years.

I’m not sure but I think it’s the Tories that have turned this into an issue of personality over politics. Who can blame them? The X-Factor, Big Brother and Heat magazine have taught them well. Why have substance and worth when you can have fake tan and a stylist?

For the record based on the available evidence I would say Clegg talks the talk, Brown walks the walk and Cameron is a reprehensible twat. Give me hard working, driven and experienced over posh and smug any day of the week.

I must confess the thought of a Conservative government gives me the fear. I can’t believe they will do anything but coddle their rich chums at the expense of the rest of us. It’s what they do. Any suggestion of change is laughable at best and definitely downright suspicious.

My recent encounters with politicians have taught me a lot. You can agree with a politician without agreeing with his party politics. The value is in being represented by someone who will grind your axe in parliament, ask the difficult questions and stick to their guns. Someone who won’t be swayed by how it looks to his party or the media.

Don’t ask me who that is. I thought I had decided on my vote but now I’m not so sure. I need to examine closely my local candidates and try to fathom who is the best person for the job. The only things I’m really certain of are I won’t be vting Tory or BNP.

The most vital thing anyone can do is not believe they are protesting or changing anything by not voting. True the events of the last couple of years have disillusioned everyone about the worth of parliament and politicians but don’t let that put you off. I guarantee you the Tory and BNP supporters will vote.

If you don’t vote I better not hear you complain about the government after the next election.
And if we are living in a right wing utopia it will be your fault.

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