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Once More Unto The Breach

Saturday, 27 February 2010

After my adventures earlier this week you would think I would be sick of travelling. Well I am. The rather obvious downside to this fact is that I have just embarked on the bus journey to Glasgow necessary for catching my flight to Tenerife tomorrow.

I’m trying to keep my eyes on the proverbial prize but it’s not easy. I am grateful for the fact that I can actually get the bus to Glasgow. On Friday the future of this trip seemed in real jeopardy.

So far though it has started well, with the first of what I hope will be a series of comedy asides to distract me from the tedium journey.

One young lad attempted to take his holdall onto the bus only to be told by the lady checking tickets that it would have to go in the hold. His initial protests were cut down by the firm statement “if you want to travel it goes in the hold – non negotiable!”. He went on to claim he required the bag as it contained his ‘asthma inhaler’ which, it only seems right to point out at this stage, not only looked rather heavy but made a distinctive chinking sound as he swung the bag about.

All credit to him he’d picked his flimsy cover story and clearly intended to stick to it no matter what. “I need my inhaler” he implored. He came rather unstuck when the Megabus staffer suggested he remove it from the bag and perhaps keep it in his pocket. This course of action seemed only sensible as rummaging in a giant holdall (especially one full of bottles of booze) for a tiny inhaler could waste valuable seconds in the event of a serious asthma attack.

His counter to this was to claim that he couldn’t take them out of the bag at which point he seemed to either realise he had been defeated or that this was an unexpected line of questioning that he hadn’t prepared for. A little bit foolish given the glaringly obvious nature of the question. Accepting he had been bettered he gave up his argument and stowed the bag.

Not exactly hilarious I know but I’ll take anything coming my way on a bus ride down the A9.

Maybe I’m a bit weird but there was a certain hilarity for me in his attempts to negotiate after he had been told this was an impossibility if he wished to travel, coupled with his obvious belief that the Megabus lady had never encountered such a well thought out cover story in her career. Nice try though.

Given that this is the level I have descended to for entertainment I think that my arrival in Tenerife can’t come soon enough. Roll on tomorrow!

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