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Thank goodness for days off….

Friday, 5th February 2010

So nothing matters then eh?

I suppose that is a question of perspective. From the outside looking in, from the position of the infinite universe nothing does. But swap sides, look out from the bubble then woaaahhhh nelly! Everything takes on a new level of importance.

My plan for today, my day off, was to drop the missus off in Dingwall where some MSPs were coming to fact-find about the rheumatology unit at around 11.30 then head home and spend the day catching up on my unwatched DVDs and playing Call of Duty until my eyes bled. Next thing you know it’s 6 o’clock and I’ve had a lovely lunch (in The Courtyard – I’d highly recommend it) and spent an afternoon speaking to politicians and being asked for my views on the threatened cuts to services at the unit.

I’m not going to use this blog as a political lobbying tool but if you are interested in this as a subject check out their petition:

My point is this. I hold a very dim view of politicians. I believe quite firmly that anybody who enters the world of politics with good and noble intentions is soon subsumed into the seedy world of favours and personal ambition. I’ve seen The Thick Of It. I know the score. It remains to be seen what happens next, one at least has pledged his support to the cause and has given us lots of advice on how to proceed. Seems genuinely interested in helping based on a sense of what’s right and proper and not what will further his personal ambitions.

Rationally I know I shouldn’t be surprised but sometimes I see the world through Daily Mail tinted glasses. It remains to be seen how much good all this will do and if the crisis looming over the rheumatology unit can be averted. I hope it can be and if so it will probably instill a little bit of faith in humanity in me. That’d be a first.

So what was intended on being a relaxing day of pointless leisure pursuits turned into a day of fighting the power. A much more productive and dare I say it important use of my time I think and an interesting insight into how things operate.

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